The blues you can't refuse! Blues, sweat and good vibes. After all - Brother Snakeoil heals. A soulfull voice and inspired guitar. The real blues spirit. That's all. Authentic! Pure!.

„Brother Snakeoil & The Medicine Men“ - a fixed instance in the blues scene of the Euregio Area round Aachen. Brother Snakeoil - that stands for authentic blues in the style of the 50´s and 60´s. When the Band start it's rough and pure playing, the music breathes and has a lot of dynamics. That opens space for vocals and solos.

This is old school blues in memory of the Masters like Buddy Guy…Buyther Smith…and many more.The musicians play own titles and even some covers, that are charming to the sound and flair of the originals.

Brother Snakeoil – that is sweat, rhythm and feeling. Blues for the audiences, soul and rock´n roll for the body.

BUT – no longer you have to buy snakeoil after the concert… or do you!!?? 

Actual line up:
Brother Snakeoil:     voc, git
Huggy J. Borghardt: keys, voc
Klaus Brunschede:    bass, voc
Andy Schieren:        drums